We are Woodland Photography Co.

We are here to document life's biggest joys and capture true, raw emotion in every photograph. 
Together we want to capture every aspect of your adventure, from the biggest moments to the smallest of details.
We are here to tell your story.


Woodland Photography Co is rooted in passion. We are passionate for the art of photography, passionate for people – and the many beautiful emotions that are displayed in relationships, and passionate about the outdoors, where we both feel most comfortable.


Carson Reneau

My love for photography stems from an overwhelming desire to explore the world around me; it's an excuse to get out and wander, meet new people, and look at things with a different perspective. If I'm found without my camera, I'm most likely not doing much  – probably napping. I'm a major tree hugger and I also work full-time as a graphic designer at a really great ad agency in Edmonton.   

Emily Banek

Through taking pictures, I feel that I can fully express myself and bring to light the things and people I love most! You'll most often find me in the earliest of mornings, drinking tea, writing + drawing in an unlined moleskin, and later exploring the city for undiscovered, hole-in-the-wall restaurants with friends - all fueled by the yearning to find adventure and beauty in everything.